Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781

Blues Guitar Teacher Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781

Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781


{Blues guitar is an amazing and fascinating activity that in fact is both demanding and fulfilling. Fulfilling because you are moving back into the good old days to feel what it was like to experience life as a black man in those hard times and re-create the sounds that revealed their emotions. It’s entirely gratifying once you finally work out exactly how to capture and recreate those guitar soundsthat actually feel just perfect.

Optimistically, your local guitar tutor is skilled in blues guitar and can easily illustrate exactly how it was in fact accomplished with the proper feel. This feeling is very crucial, given that without it pretty much all you have is technique with little soul. It’s actually correct that several weeks invested in shopping around for the most suitable instruction is timeeffectively spent (it’s actually an old Chinese adage) and learning blues guitar is the same. Yet, today we enjoy strategiesthat just didn’texist just a few years in the past.

In case you definitely don’t want the inconvenience and added cost of shopping around for the perfect local blues guitar teacher, explorethe a good number of splendid packages on the world wide web. Here again, you need to take time given that you will find many guitar packages out there and the quality isn’t all the same. You’re looking forthat person who focuses on blues guiar and virtually nothing else. He will live it and breathe it, which implies that he can teach you the emotion behind the blues in addition to fingerpicking techniques.

Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781


While it’s true a great guitar teacher really is worth his weight in gold, it’sn’t that simple to find one locally. The other thing is that these men are expensive, and why not? They have to make a living just like anyone else, so there’s no issue there. Like does they specialize in the music that you are interested in the issues are more practical? How far away do they reside? We are freed by on-line guitar lessons from those restraints, although it’s consistently the practical things that trip us up.

Then you will realize the frustration at not finding the right guy or gal that satisfies your style or character if at any time you have looked for a guitar teacher in vain. On top of that, there the cost (of course) and all in all it can get very tiring. The net has changed lots of things, and blues guitar lessons are only one of these things. The quality is usually very good and you can save yourself a great deal of money.


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Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781


The guitar is without question the most widely used musical instrument across the world, and certainly acoustic blues guitar is known to be a pretty popular style to learn. Most people in general start out playing with a plectrum and after that eventually progress to folk style finger style prior to becoming interested in blues guitar. Maybethey noticed a really cool traditional song or just like the notion of the elegant blues man feel, and for that reason they start to look for blues guitar lessons.

The absolute ideal situtation is to find a local guitar coach, although this exercise is quicker said than done. First of all, it is not any good finding a tutor who is awesome at classic or pop music if you want to get familiar with the real blues. Quite a few guitar players are brilliant at quite a few genres, yet really don’t specialize on just one. With regards to blues guitar you should have that guitar guru guy who plays very little else – he lives it and can teach you skills with the proper feel.

If perhaps you live in a rural region out of town, then the quest becomes perhaps even more challenging. If by chance you do come across some body, then figure in the cost and finding valuable time to travel to the guy’s home, and it pretty much all starts to become a chore. A different choice is to purchase internet based blues guitar lessons. The best courses are superb and it actually is just like having some body in your living room guiding you.

Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781

Street Singer Teaches Blues Guitar To Over 6000 Students A Year

Guitar students from all corners of the globe learn the music of the American deep South from an Englishman born in Sheffield, UK.

acoustic-blues-guitar-lessons-jim-bruce-Soldier Pond ME 4781 — Jim Bruce – a skilled and exceptionally creative guitar singer born and bred in the UK, is excited to announce the launch, release and availability of his comprehensive learning guide that is dedicated towards helping everyone out there who wants to study acoustic blues guitar in the old style.

Dubbed as ‘Real Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons – From Texas to the Delta,’ – this innovative acoustic blues guitar course (over 750 minutes of instruction) teaches how to play exactly like the legendary blues men.

With many years of broad experience as a blues guitar singer, nothing but the very best is expected of Jim. Suffice it to say that very few players have perfected finger picking blues guitar like Jim Bruce.

Renowned as an expert guitar player who is additionally a gifted teacher, Bruce said; “My journey from being a street blues guitar singer to becoming a top internet guitar instructor has brought everything I know about playing the blues into focus.”

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Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781.

Back in the old days, Jim used to play guitar on the streets for a living. He only started making waves on the internet in 2010, when he began creating guitar lessons for download and streaming online.

It is noteworthy to mention that he was voted ‘Top Acoustic Blues Guitar Instructor 2013’ by users of, a major teaching web site which promotes lessons from greats such as Tommy Emmanuel and Frank Vignola. This was a great achievement considering the standard of the competition which was attracted from around the globe.

Speaking about his course, Jim continued; “I give students exactly what they need to be able to play great acoustic blues guitar in the old style. I don’t think you should have to pay a lot of money to get the best acoustic blues guitar lessons – these video lessons show anyone how to apply everything learned over the past 40 years by a working blues man – everything you need learn to play old style blues guitar is here.”

Normal Knodel, a ‘working blues man’ said; “I’ve been an acoustic blues hound for well over 40 years…take it from me: Jim Bruce’s studies of the old masters have been so diligent and his transcriptions, with all their nuances, are so accurately rendered that the man should be awarded a PHD in Musicology! …plus, he’s just such a down to earth, nice guy. To quote the man: “Keep it real”…..What a resource!! Thanks Jim.”

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Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781.

Review of Jim Bruce’s Ragtime and Blues Guitar Picking Course

Learn to Play Finger Style Acoustic Blues Guitar

Something great has happened for anybody wanting to learn how to play acoustic blues guitar. It’s called Jim Bruce Ragtime and Blues Guitar Picking Course – From Texas to the Delta. Now there’s a mouthful! So what is it?

Well, pretty much as the title says, it’s a guitar course for learning how to play ragtime and blues finger style acoustic guitar. Before I go on, let me just say this isn’t something for the absolute beginner guitarist. If you aren’t yet comfortable or reasonably fluent in playing common chords, then you probably aren’t ready for this just yet, unless you are hyper determined!

About the Course

The course is quite straightforward. It jumps straight in and shows you how to play a collection of 40 blues songs from blues guitarists such as Blind Blake, Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy to name but a few. Each of the songs are shown on video (wmv format), first at normal speed and then broken down into small sections, played slowly. The video also uses split screen for showing the left and right hands independently and displaying on screen Tabs and chord diagrams. All of the songs also come with a printable pdf file with the full guitar Tab.

Although Jim offers a few tips in the videos, you are expected to know certain things like how to read guitar tab and are already familiar with the basic chords. Although this is called a guitar course, just be aware that it isn’t a course in the traditional sense; it’s more of a jump straight in approach. I personally think this is a good thing because most guitar courses waste half of the time telling you things you should already know.

With that in mind, you aren’t going to be given any baby steps in fingerpicking exercises that lead you progressively into more advanced techniques, you’re just going to go ahead and learn how to play the songs in any order you like. Ordinarily, I may think this kind of teaching is too fast, however, with fingerpicking the blues I think the hands on approach is better. It’s exactly how all the old time blues players learned after all.

Once you have spent the time to learn one song, the right hand adapts very quickly. You’ll find it gets much easier the more you do. This is why I think the traditional route of building your technique slowly through a series of boring exercises is not necessary for this style of guitar. The songs themselves are the exercises. You get to kill two birds with one stone and have a lot of fun in the meantime.

Is Ragtime Blues Difficult to Play

If you have never played any kind of ragtime / blues fingerstyle guitar before then you might be thinking it sounds too difficult. There is a lot going on in this style and you might think it’s only for the super advanced guitarist. Don’t let that fool you. There’s something about the sound of acoustic blues guitar that is very deceiving. Most of these songs aren’t as complicated as they sound when you break them down, most of them are well within the capabilities of the average intermediate guitarist who has been playing for maybe six months to a year. If you want to impress your friends (and yourself), this is the stuff to learn!

Full Money Back Guarantee

You don’t have anything to lose. Jim’s course is available for instant download and if you aren’t satisfied then you have the advantage of a 60 day full money back guarantee with no questions asked. At the moment the price is $59 which is a bargain when you think the average guitar DVD tutorial will come with around four to six songs for you to learn at around $30. Jim’s blues guitar course gives you 40 songs, which equates to about 4x the teaching for less than twice the price of a typical guitar DVD.

This course is a breath of fresh air when compared to most of the guitar teaching material that you find on the Internet. You know the stuff, promises of secrets and miracle systems that are nothing more than a downloadable e-book – containing the same information you find in any typical teach yourself guitar book available in print, but four times the price!

Jim’s Finger Picking Guitar Course is nothing like any of that nonsense. It’s as real as it gets, packed with hours of videos that teach you exactly what you need to know and how to do it. That’s it. As far as value is concerned, Jim’s course gives you everything you pay for and more.

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Blues Guitar Instructor Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781

Blues Guitar Lessons Near Me Soldier Pond ME 4781

Online Blues Guitar Lessons from Jim Bruce